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Simplify Political Campaigns

U.S campaigns are too complex and unfair for everyone to get a chance to serve in office. Campaigns are corrupt and driven by special interests. All these things can be changed by simplifying campaigns.


These are the major goals:

1)      Reducing campaign costs.

2)      Eliminate misinformation.

3)      Simplify who can be a candidate and how they register.

4)      Restrict the type of ads that can be run.


Candidates should not play the media. They should be required to announce two years in advance if they are going to run for office. This would give all voters plenty of time to find out more about the person. Also, it will eliminate all the speculation and media hype about whether or not someone is planning to run. This will make politicians more sober and thoughtful about the future, which is an important quality of a lawmaker.


A simple filing system online should be used to register to run for office. Each person running for office will have a free website that they can easily use to display their positions and record on issues. All basic issues will be covered, and voters can pull up profiles and comparisons of each candidate. A voter can also create a voter profile and compare each candidate with their own positions on issues. If a voter is undecided, then they can read a candidates blog, audio feed or videos that are accessible via their profile.


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